Child Injury Lawyers: Protecting Children’s Rights

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Although the Internet and media constantly report on social injustices, negligent individuals and corporations still get away with compromising child safety that results in severe child injuries and even death.

But that’s where child injury lawyers come into play.

When your children’s rights are violated, child injury lawyers see to it they receive enough compensation for medical treatment so they can continue to experience happy, healthy and productive childhoods.

But how exactly do child injury lawyers protect your children?

Child injury lawyers search out and document the truth

When experienced child injury lawyers jump on a new case, they get to the scene of your child’s injury immediately to document exactly what happened. Sometimes your injury attorney will even secure the scene with a court order to preserve the state of the scene exactly as it was at the time of your child’s injury.

Child injury lawyers also keep a few private investigators in their investigative toolbox. Lawyers utilize trusted private investigators to obtain witness statements and tie up any loose ends that exist from your child’s injury incident. Witness statements are crucial to have in court because opposing lawyers will work to discredit a child’s version of the injury story.

Child injury lawyers are experts at cutting through the red tape

With a child injury case comes lots of medical and insurance paperwork that can be very confusing and frustrating. But child injury lawyers deal with this kind of red tape all the time and will help you sort through it.

Filling out and obtaining the proper paperwork isn’t just important for your child’s health and well-being. A court of law will need to see proper documentation of your child’s injury and medical costs. This will assist the court in estimating the how much settlement money your child should receive to cover current and future medical expenses.

You should know that a judge must approve your child’s injury settlement amount and all attorney fees and costs. Settlement money is almost always placed in an interest bearing account, only accessible by your child after turning 18 years old. However, some money will be set aside for current medical expenses.

Child injury lawyers know what’s coming

Experienced child injury lawyers know the legal system inside and out. And they are child injury experts so they know what future medical expenses could be waiting down the road. Most importantly, child injury lawyers will expedite the legal process, allowing you to spend plenty of time with your child during the healing and recovery process.

Our children are our most valuable resource. They are precious cargo. If your child has been hurt or injured due to negligence, contact me today for a free, no obligation case review.

We’ll defend your child’s rights together.

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