Your Child’s School Bus Got Into an Accident…Now What?

Your Child’s School Bus Got Into an Accident…Now What?

Child injury from school bus accidentYou put the kids on the bus in the morning.  You wave good-bye as the big yellow vehicle pulls away, taking your little loved ones to school for the day.  Later, it will bring them home safely.  Is this scenario realistic?  What happens when the school bus gets into an accident, and your child is hurt?  Who is responsible?

Although school bus drivers are well-trained and licensed (at least they should be), accidents still occur.  The most common causes of school bus accidents involving child injuries are as follows:

  • Driver error or distraction
  • Collision with another vehicle
  • Children falling while entering or exiting the bus
  • Children struck when crossing in front of the bus
  • Defective equipment related to the bus

Determining liability for a school bus crash is often more difficult than what may appear at first glance.  For instance, if a driver is distracted, we may need to find out what caused the distraction.  And when a bus collides with another vehicle, we need to learn more facts to answer the question of liability.  Who was careless?  The bus driver or the driver of the other car?  Or both?

An experienced child injury lawyer knows the proper steps to take in order to protect a child and her family.  Oftentimes an investigator needs to go to the scene of the collision right away to take measurements, photograph the points of impact and conditions, and look for revealing evidence.  Many times, important information needs to be gleaned right away.

Many times parents of injured children are reluctant to hire an attorney right away.  This could be a mistake.  The bus company and their insurance company representatives are often on the scene immediately with the sole purpose of making sure their pocketbooks are protected – even despite clear facts that show their school bus driver was at fault.

If your child has been injured as a result of a school bus accident, you need a child injury lawyer to help you win your case.  Your lawyer will guide you through the process so you can focus on the most important thing – making sure your child makes a full and speedy recovery.

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Ken Levinson is a Chicago child injury attorney.  If your child has been hurt on the school bus, contact Ken today.  You are eligible for a free case review.

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