Mom Blogs I Love, Part 4

Inspiring writing from fantastic moms

Mom blogs enrich my Internet browsing with touching stories, enlightening views on parenting and child safety news and opinions. When I find great mom blogs, I feel compelled to share them with my readers.

Here are three noteworthy mom blogs you should be checking out.

Don’t Take The Repeats

Mom BlogOne of the most honest blogs I’ve encountered in a while, Don’t Take The Repeats is beautiful as Marty, documents her life as a parent, musician and daughter coping with her own parents’ health issues. Her blog is an inspirational and affecting reminder of the love that my parents shared with me and the bond I share with my own children.

Marty captures plenty of parenting’s joys and humorous moments. Check out her latest potty-training update and the adorable video of her children on Christmas morning.

Practical Parenting

Mom BlogPractical Parenting is a mom blog after my own blogging heart. I say this because the writer of the blog, Katie Hurley, provides families with constructive and insightful parenting tips. She touches on everything from taming tantrums to getting your family to exercise even when the weather has your clan stuck inside.

Katie, the mother of two, is a child, adolescent and family psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA, so you’re safe trusting her advice. You also might be surprised when you figure out who her bass-playing husband tours with.

In Pursuit Of Martha Points

Parent BlogLori, the writer behind In Pursuit Of Martha Points, embodies the parent in us all that knows that when things aren’t always perfect, having the love of your family conquers all.

The mother of three, Lori humorously writes about raising teenagers, a phase of parenting I have yet to experience, so I’m taking notes. And being an avid racquetball player myself, I loved her post about playing tennis.

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