Online Safety Games for Kids

Eight great safety games online

Today, we thought we’d give you a break. For a change, you don’t have to be the one lecturing the kids about safety. Let an online game take over for a while. Here are eight of our favorite safety-themed games for little ones; please let us know about any others you like:

1. Your kids might glean a bit about germs from this PBS Kids game. One warning for the grown-ups though: There’s animated spit. Nope, they don’t even do us the favor of calling it “saliva.”

2. Another cool PBS game teaches older children (or patient ones) about Internet safety.

3. Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago brings us a memory game; when you find two matching cards, you learn a safety tip.

4. It’s definitely not pool season, but this game about water safety is so cute that kids won’t mind.

5. Disney’s Chuggington site features an activity that lets kids advance across a game board and answer traffic safety questions.

6. It turns out Smokey the Bear is still hard at work, all these years after we met him as children, and now he’s got a few fire-themed games online.

7. For games that offer a little less fun and a few more lessons than Smokey, check out the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s fire safety site for kids.

8. This Highlights magazine-type hidden picture game teaches about emergency preparedness. It’s also courtesy of FEMA.

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