Top 30 Green Mom Bloggers

These Mom bloggers understand safety in its purest form.

Green Mom BadgeAs parents we do our best to keep our children safe from physical injury, but what about harm caused from environmental factors? The green movement in American homes is often led by Mom, who has decided to deliberately change certain elements in her family’s environment in hopes of decreasing the family’s carbon footprint and also improving her family’s health and well being.

The Safest Line set out to find the Web’s best “Green” mom bloggers, moms who aren’t just living green but sharing what they’ve learned with their readers.

You’ll find their eco-friendly and green lifestyle, cooking and living tips absolutely invaluable, educational and entertaining.

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The Safest Line’s Top 30 Green Mom Bloggers


Kathy, a web designer and author, created SafeMama in 2007 after spending hours researching safety issues affecting her baby.  Designed to be a one-stop source for information on issues ranging from environmental toxins to product recalls, this blog also features product reviews and giveaways.  Especially helpful are the Cheat Sheets, which give readers shopping lists for non-toxic kid products.

Mindful Momma

Micaela started blogging about the myriad of green and natural choices facing parents in 2006 and by 2009 her book, Practically Green: Your Guide to Ecofriendly Decision-Making was published. Visit her blog and you’ll see why this blogging mama is far from average. You’ll also find her insights and tips on everything green or eco-friendly absolutely invaluable.

Natural Mom, Healthy Child

Kate Stillman has a degree in environmental studies, but it was her daughter’s experience with environmental allergies that inspired her to begin writing her blog.  Natural Mom, Healthy Child is an excellent source of information on non-toxic home building and remodeling, as well as natural recipes, remedies and nutrition.

The Smart Mama

Jennifer Taggart is both a mother of two and an environmental attorney, and her blog puts her experience to work, featuring information on consumer product safety, environmental health and plastics.  Jennifer is also the author of Smart Mama’s Green Guide: Simple Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Toxic Chemical Exposure, a comprehensive how-to for moms going green.


Founders Heather Hawkins and Renee Limon—both busy stay at home moms—take what they describe as the “baby step approach” to green parenting.  Their blog features great tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle, and has a monthly “One Can Challenge”, a room-by-room challenge for readers to produce less than one can of garbage per month.  Also, don’t miss the humorous “Dude, That’s Not Food!”

Green Baby Guide

Joy Hatch and Rebecca Kelley have been friends for fifteen years, but being pregnant together inspired them to create the Green Baby Guide for all moms looking for information on how to raise kids naturally.  Their blog features excellent product reviews, as well as natural parenting and pregnancy tips.  Last year, they published The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, a green product guide for new moms on a budget.

Non-Toxic Kids

This blog is dedicated to providing moms with the most up-to-date research on food and environmental safety.  Founded by Katy Farber, an environmentalist and mother of two, Non-Toxic Kids helps readers understand which products are safe, and where to go for more information.

Eco-novice: Going Green Naturally

Betsy calls herself a green novice, but as a mother of two with a background in science, education and public policy, it is clear that she is anything but.  Her Take Action page makes it easy for readers to sign petitions, email their representatives, and get involved in a number of environmental and public health issues.  Posts such as Lazy and Cheap Ways to be Green demonstrate easy ways for parents to make small changes.

Simple Mom

Founder and mother of three Tsh Oxenreider describes her blog as “like Zen Habits wearing an apron.”  Simple Mom is packed with great ways for moms to be more productive by organizing, decluttering, and simplifying their homes and lives, in addition to tips on how to go green and cook healthy recipes.  Tsh’s book, Organized Simplicity, was published in 2010 and contains even more ideas for moms wanting to live simply.

Nature Moms Blog

Tiffany describes herself as “a mom trying to live a more natural family life,” and her blog is full of recipes and product reviews to help her readers go green, too.  Nature Moms Blog is packed with great ideas for moms with school age children, with topics such as green school supplies, eco-friendly board games and how to throw a green birthday party.


As a mother of two small children with asthma, Zem Joaquin began her personal green journey after realizing that the cleaning products she used were intensifying their symptoms.  She describes ecofabulous as “your trusted friend, personal shopper, and inside source for living the well lived ‘eco’ life,” and this blog delivers on that promise.  An amazing resource for moms who know that sustainability can be sexy and stylish.

Petite Planet

Beth Shea turned her enthusiasm for all things natural into one of the best product review sites for moms looking for safe, eco-friendly food, clothes, and toys for their little ones.  This blog is also full of inspiring crafts and how-tos for fabulous clothing, recipes and home décor.


Founder Jill Fehrenbacher, a NYC-based green designer, believes that becoming a parent does not mean sacrificing style, and it shows on her blog.  A great resource for parents and families interested in green design, Inhabitots contains information on everything you need for your green nursery, home and lifestyle, and is chock-full of contests and giveaways.

Eco Child’s Play

Founder and editor Jennifer Lance is a vegetarian, teacher, artist and yoga instructor who has lived off the grid for sixteen years while raising children.  This eco Jane-of-all-trades has created a fabulous blog providing information on parenting, breastfeeding, natural childbirth, and other green topics.  Make sure to read Health News for the latest research on natural living.

Hip Mountain Mama Blog

For moms who love spending time outdoors with their families, this blog is one not to miss.  After opening a natural products store in Colorado in 2008, Suzy founded Hip Mountain Mama Blog to share her family’s green journey with readers.  Read “Green Camping” for tips on how to take little ones camping with minimal environmental impact, and check out “Inspiring Mamas,” a series of interviews with truly inspirational women.

Mama’s Herb Garden

As a professional nurse and herbalist, Melinda Olson is the perfect resource for information on herbal remedies and natural products.  New and expecting moms will love learning about natural, drug free treatments for breastfeeding and morning sickness, and Mama’s Garden shows readers how to grow many of these herbs themselves.

Mom Going Green

Dr. Heather is a Columbus, Ohio based mom, chiropractor and business owner dedicated to creating a green lifestyle for her family.  Her blog helps sort out common debates such as the cases for and against vaccines and natural vs. artificial Christmas trees.  Columbus readers will love reading about eco- and kid-friendly places to visit in Central Ohio.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess

Amy Gates is a mother of two and describes herself as “trying to change the world, one post at a time.” Her blog will keep you up to date on the latest scientific news about toxins and natural products.  Readers will also love her poignant writing about her personal battle with depression and her natural ways of coping.

Green Organic Mama

This blog is an excellent resource for product reviews, shopping and giveaways for natural moms.  Faye describes herself as a “Canadian-born Chinese mommy living on a tropical island in the Florida Keys” who has always loved shopping, cooking and gadgets, and she shares her expertise with other moms on this fabulous blog.

Going Green With Noah

Melanie is a stay at home mother to Noah, and her blog chronicles her family’s journey toward green living.  Readers will love her comprehensive green gardening tips, and Green Holidays section provides fun, creative ideas for eco-friendly celebration.

The Eco-Friendly Family

Amanda is a stay at home mother of three who uses her blog to share her expertise on green baby products with readers.  Packed with giveaways and reviews, The Eco-Friendly Family shop also has a Deal of the Day with amazing discounts on natural products.

Natural As Possible Mom

Karen is a professional writer who, as she puts it, wasn’t “crunchy” until she became a parent.  Her blog shares experiences and observations from her daily life as she tries to lead a greener life.  With posts such as Heard in the Park and Crazy Stuff My Toddler Has Done, this blog is both informative and entertaining.

The Green Parent

Jenn Savedge has declared 2011 to be The Year of the Eco-Challenge, and she introduces a new challenge for herself and her readers each month.  Her blog chronicles her successes and difficulties as she attempts to stop buying new products, purge plastic from her home, and lower her electricity consumption, and it makes for highly informative and engaging reading.

Mommy Greenest

This down-to-earth and humorous blog tackles eco issues big and small from the perspective of Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, a mother of three living in LA.  With posts like To Dye or Not to Dye? and Confessions of a Swapaholic, Mommy Greenest is perfect reading for green moms who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Green and Clean Mom

Sommer is a mother of two who believes that there are “over 33 shades of green,” meaning that anyone can live a more natural and environmentally-friendly life.  With Green and Clean Mom, she shares her research and product reviews with other eco-savvy moms, along with loads of giveaways, deals and coupons.

Green Parent Chicago

This blog was founded by Christine Escobar, a Chicago mom dedicated to creating a green resource place for like-minded parents in the area.  In addition to providing information on environmentally friendly food, services and activities in the Windy City, Green Parent Chicago also provides local parents with information on alternative education, non-traditional families and simple living.

Mom Goes Green

Doreen is a blogger and mother of two who describes her journey to a greener lifestyle as “accidental.”  Mom Goes Green offers practical, easygoing advice on eco-friendly cleaning and recycling, including tons of recipes for DIY natural cleaning and personal care products.

Trying to be Greener

Founded by a former Special Education teacher and a new mother, this blog helps readers find the safest body care products, and is filled with inspiring craft, recipe and gift ideas.  Don’t miss “Baby Showers and Adding a ‘Green’ Touch” for excellent tips on how to throw an eco-friendly shower.

Healthy Child Healthy World

Nancy and James Chuda founded Healthy Child Healthy World after the tragic loss of their young daughter, Colette, to cancer.  With a mission to educate parents about the dangers of toxic chemicals to children, this blog invites readers to “Know More, Worry Less, Live Better” with safety information on hundreds of products, from GMOs and pesticides to cell phones to sunscreens.

Small Footprint Family

Dawn is a Master gardener and certified arborist who spent the last fifteen years working in urban agriculture and green jobs development.  Now that she is a stay at home mom, she uses her blog to share her enormous expertise on all things green with her readers.  Check in every day for giveaways and contests on Mondays, Eco-Tip Tuesdays, real-food recipes on Wednesdays, news highlights on Thursdays and food and gardening articles on Fridays.

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